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Landlords & Agents


Our Services for Landlords and Agents

TenantVERIFY® has developed over many years a tried and tested credit checking and referencing process providing a high level of service that landlords and letting agents can rely on.

From basic credit checks to comprehensive checks with referencing to guarantors, firms and limited company checks, plus international tenant, company and guarantor checks; we have the whole field of tenant verifying covered.

To back this up, we have a rent guarantee and legal expenses policy to match the best in the industry.

A Fast and Reliable Service
  • Basic Credit Checks - normally a 2-hour return within normal working hours.
  • Comprehensive Credit Checks with Referencing - normally takes up to 2 days.
  • International checks normally take between 3 and 5 days.
We have the UK Covered
  • We cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • The Channel Islands, The Irish Republic and all Overseas Territories are covered by our International Checks.
  • Our International Checks include most countries world-wide.
What's Included?

Basic checks include credit and financial history, bank account verification, disclosed and undisclosed address verification, debt record checks and ID verification, and a whole lot more.

Comprehensive Checks include all of the Basic Checks plus referencing: we contact the tenant applicant’s previous landlord or letting agent and their employer to confirm application details and suitability for a tenancy – past performance, job security and affordability.

Fast Compressive Checks with Referencing - at an additional cost we will prioritise a Comprehensive tenant or guarantor check to return a report within the working day, if submitted before 10am. Note, if the referees fail to respond within the limited time available the report will be returned minus this information and with qualifications.

Company Directors and Commercial Tenant Individual and Guarantor Checks - these checks and reports are conducted as our standard Basic and Comprehensive checks.

Firm and Limited Company Checks - are based on official data from various sources including main line credit bureau, Companies House, The Registry Trust, London & Edinburgh Gazette, all combined with trade payment data to provide up-to-date company credit information as a full tenancy risk assessment: Adverse CCJ Information, Payment History, Director Details, Credit Limits & Ratings, Up to 5 Years of Financial Accounts.

International Tenant Checks - using our network of international credit bureau compiled over the last 15 years or more we complete a unique set of risk assessment criteria for international tenant and guarantor applicants. Note, the quality of information available for some countries may vary and will often be below usual Western country standards. See the full list of countries we cover.

Our Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection

Our Rent Guarantee policy protects your Rental Income if a tenant stops paying rent – the insurance payments will cover lost rent PLUS your Insurers will handle all of the legalities from start to finish if you need to evict a Tenant or trace an absconded one.

You will be protected for a monthly Rental Income of £5,000 per month, giving total protection for up to £60,000 as well as £50,000 Legal Expenses Cover. It’s not tenant specific so you could have two separate lots of tenants (on 6 months AST) over a 12 month period. There is no excess so your rent is paid from day one of any arrears!

Since the 1st Feb 2016 all landlords or agents in England MUST check that their tenant has a right to reside and rent in the UK for the period of their stay. They do this by verifying the authenticity and taking copies of relevant documentation: for example, passport, driver’s license, visas etc., as best they can.

The rent guarantee product covers legal costs if a landlord or agent, who believes they have followed the rules, is taken to court, reliving the landlord of the costs and stress of defending themselves.

  • Your rent continues to be paid when the tenant can't or won't pay.
  • Up to £60,000
  • Eviction process paid when a Tenant can't or won't pay.
  • Legal costs covered up to £50,000
  • Your rent will be paid from day 1!
  • A further 50% of the rent paid by our insurers for two months following vacant possession whilst you find a new tenant.
Key Features
  • One policy per property
  • 6 or 12 months policies available.
  • Payment of rent arrears.
  • Obtaining a court date and Possession Order.
  • Handling & payment of legal & professional costs.
  • Payments will continue to be made beyond the policy expiry date in the event of an on going claim. (subject to policy limits)
  • Full Insurance Cover underwritten by leading UK Insurers.
  • All property types (excluding HMO's).
  • All tenant types can be covered (excluding local authority referrals & asylum seekers).
  • Also available in Scotland (meets Scottish legislation).
  • Legal Expenses - We will negotiate for your legal rights:
  • If you are legally challenged by the Authorities due to the Right-to-Rent scheme.
  • To defend your legal rights if an incident arising from you letting your property leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court - up to £50,000.
  • Hotel Expenses - up to £50 per day up to a total of £1,500 towards your hotel expenses.